Don't Let Your Church Get Scammed!

New Warhorn Media post by Lucas Weeks:


@ldweeks That link isn’t correctly rendering for me.

Sorry everybody. We’ve been having this problem off and on for about a week now. Haven’t tracked down the root issue yet.


There’s a silver lining here. At least this means that some people in the congregation trust their pastor. :slight_smile:


There are a number of other ways to spot a scam. Is the email written with poor English or in a style that differs from the skillset of the sender? I can pick out issues in the email myself. Is email the typical way the sender communicates or is it more common by text or phone call? Is there a link in the email? Is asking something in an email the typical way that this takes place, or is it usually done in another way? In any other circumstance, would giving a credit card code be how you would transfer money? I mean, practically speaking, If a pastor needed to buy something, wouldn’t he do it another way? When I receive suspicious communication from someone, I text them and ask if they sent it.


A good friend’s company got scammed out of a similar sun of money using a very similar scam.

As a rule, anything involving gift cards (other than your sister-in-law giving you one for Christmas) should be treated with about the level of skepticism you’d apply to sending money to Nigeria via Western Union.