Don't ask, don't tell: shepherds abandoning God's sheep

(Tim Bayly) #1

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:

(Jeff Singletary) #2

There is nothing with which to disagree in your post. There is also the other sexual scourge which has overtaken the Church. The acceptance of fornication and cohabitation is rampant. The Church loses credibility on the homosexual issues through the same ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy.

There are many small church pastors who have justified ignoring this with some version of it would be unloving or judgmental or how can we minister to them if we chase them away. In reality, with their churches bleeding people to the local entertainment church, it is hard to take a biblical approach and losing families.

(Scott Tibbs) #3

All these lies, and all these liars…

Lies are part and parcel of the militant homosexualist movement. Remember the case of the pizza shop owner in Indiana? The owner was asked in 2015 (during the RFRA debacle) whether she would cater a same-sex wedding. She said she would not, but it doesn’t matter since they do not cater weddings at all.

They could not have discriminated. It was impossible for them to do so. The Fake News media and militant homosexuals were looking for a victim to destroy. It didn’t matter that the whole “controversy” was fabricated by the Fake News media. They had their scapegoat.

(Christopher Thomas Miller) #4

A thousand amens! It’s tragic how common this is (and apparently was: 1 Cor 5). If church leaders have maneuvered themselves into a position where they can’t even address this comparatively simple, non hot-topic “issue,” why would anyone (or they themselves), think them capable of addressing a much more socially thorny “issue” like homosexuality?

(Allan Eisses) #5

Tim - your article didn’t reference the picture included there. Any context to it? Is this is a homosexual couple with an adopted son? Christian? Just curious.

Thanks for the article, it is certainly “out of season” these days, so thank you for being willing to preach out of season.

(Tim Bayly) #6

No context. From Google pics, but I seem to remember it was a homosexual couple with their adopted child. Thanks for the encouragement, dear brother.