Does Guardians of the Galaxy dehumanize us?

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I’m not sure that I’m the Seth who won the Patreon award, but as a Seth, I’ll say that I got a huge laugh out of that. Thanks for brightening my day.



Our pleasure. :facepunch:

I agree with your feelings about GotG – and I feel the same about Ragnarok, though not in the same specific ways. I think that it might be the most subversive MCU movie that I’ve seen. (I haven’t seen Captain Marvel, GotG 2, or the Iron Man sequels. Or Hulk)

Ragnarok is super fun though – I really hate that movie.

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You hate Ragnorok? Interesting. What do you hate about it?

I haven’t thought this out carefully, just my feelings on one viewing:

  • I hated the Valkarie character – butchy, gross.
  • Couldn’t stand the effeminate Goldblum villian – wanted to take a shower after any scene with him in it
  • Hated the way “your history isn’t what you think” plays perfectly with the woke mantras. Asgaurd was built on a lie, and needed to be destroyed. Just like America.

All valid points…though it’s hard to see any of the Super hero stories as not being post-modern, deconstructive and often nihilistic. I really enjoyed Ragnarok, but also hate those very elements you describe.

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I like Jeff Goldblum but I cannot deny the charges. And yes to Valkyrie. I think a lot of the Marvel movies do trade in the larger deconstruction you mentioned.

When watching Ragnarok, I remember thinking that when Hela revealed the older paintings of her and Odin waging war, that it didn’t seem truthful to have had that been the oldest painting. It felt plausible that Thor would believe her, but not that Hela actually told the deepest, oldest truth.

In a better movie, Thor, through his journey, should have discovered and awakened older, more virtuous truth and magic governing Asgard and used that to defeat Hela and her army. Her disbelief in its existence would give way to her futile rebellion. But we didn’t get that.

I didn’t care for Valkyrie either, but she didn’t matter as much to me. I assume she’ll play a big role in Thor 4 but I’m hoping to jump off this Marvel train and not see it. At some point, a man has to watch his last Marvel movie, right?


I’m afraid that may be true, and that moment may be coming soon.