De-Mystifying Counseling

New Warhorn Media post by Lucas Weeks:


Josh and Rachel’s Monumental is a good listen as well.


I have to confess a love/hate relationship with this podcast.

I hate (or, better, my flesh hates) it because I’m often convicted by the discussions, as they reveal areas in my life (at home and in the church) in which my thoughts and actions have become integrated with worldly thoughts and approaches. Once the Lord has His way with me, I come to see such conviction, and the repentance that follows, as an expression of His mercy.

And I love it because the discussions nourish my soul and are truly helpful…a mix of biblical instruction/principles and wisdom imparted through discussion, with the discussion often times being “This is how I’ve totally blown it in the past”. The lack of formulaic “Here’s the issue, here’s the answer” (a rightful critique given in this episode regarding counseling expectations) is refreshing.

One of my constant refrains among my fellow elders is “The thing is never the thing”, when it comes to issues that are brought before us, and these discussions labor at getting to, and discussing, the true “thing”. That’s why I so look forward to each episode.


Thank you for your kind words. Very encouraging!

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Yes, very much so. Thank you, dear brother.

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