David French & Russ Moore defend Beth Moore

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:


They’re all so predictable, tedious, and boring. What a waste.

I used to really admire David French. He gives a great testimony of the obligation he felt to enlist if he was also going to be an enthusiastic proponent of the Iraq war.


The best sentence of this very good article is

“I call it mainline religion because the old mainline is dead and men like David French, Russ Moore, Al Mohler, Tim Keller, Lig Duncan, and all their fellow celebrities in self-referential marketing groups like The Gospel Coalition now best represent the concept.”

The Church may be becoming more vulnerable than ever to the temptations of Money. It used to be that you had to please the rich men of the rich churches. Now it’s that you have to please rich people generally, because your money as a Christian leader comes from celebrity.