Darker theme for the site?

Is there a setting somewhere to change the color theme for this forum?

If I had any complaint to make regarding this forum it’s that you’re burning out my retinas.

It’s just so bright and white, and I’m not even woke!

If there aren’t themes built-in, there is a browser extension available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Brave called Dark Reader that makes things much easier on the eyes.

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I enabled a dark theme. It’s not perfect, but it works. :slight_smile:

Just visit this link and select Light or Dark from the Theme menu at the top of that page. Save your changes and that’s it.


Oh WOW! What a relief!!

I have the same problem, especially after my recent cataract surgery. As I was recovering from that, I was getting head aches from staring at the tungsten-bright monitor. I had them (I run two 27-inchers as one desktop) ratcheted down to an intensity just about as low as it could go, and it was still too bright.

Most websites are coded so as to override browsers that attempt to set all fonts to nonserif, all backgrounds to black, all text to white, and similar eye-easy settings.


I can’t see a theme menu, or anywhere to select light or dark. Screenshot for me?

Maybe menu is the wrong word. I’ve circled the setting. Let me know if it’s not there on your account.


Also, be sure to scroll down and click the Save Changes button after you select Dark Theme. If you don’t, the change doesn’t stick.


Thanks for the screenshot- helped me realize I wasn’t looking at it on my phone, but on my laptop! :sweat_smile:

You found it, though?

I did, thank you! :slight_smile:

Is there a way to have the logo vary with the theme so that it looks seamless in dark mode?


Maybe the logo could be given a transparent background instead of white. A slim, white border around the black horn and text would maintain their legibility.

I’m happy to replace the logo in the dark theme if somebody will volunteer to modify the current one to work.

Alternative logo files in place thanks to @joshuah!