CVS, Rite Aid, Amazon Limit Emergency Contraceptive Purchases

Lest anyone think the abortion battle is close to being won, Plan B is in such demand that pharmacies are limiting how many you can buy.

Our paper, if you haven’t read it, addresses this at length.

May God grant repentance to our nation.


It is different to the abortion pill as emergency contraception pills do not work to stop your pregnancy.

Lies abound. You can still find medical documentation pretty easily stating that these pills prevent implantation, but that phraseology will vanish soon I’m sure. Grabbing some screenshots isn’t a bad idea.


Seeing what is happening with Plan B sales (and no doubt, condom sales as well), is salutary. It is a reminder that although Roe v Wade has been reversed, abortion is still legal in about half the Union and without a distinct Federal Law will remain so.

The examples of the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Poland are worth noting. In the first two countries, there used to be a strong pro-life ethic in those countries’ abortion laws - except that the intent of the law was subverted by women going across to England or Scotland to get abortions. Likewise in Poland now, where the law is extremely tight … but women wanting an abortion can and do go across to any of Poland’s neighbours.

Up to now we’ve thought of this as being about reducing the supply. How do we go about working to reduce the underlying demand?



You mentioned “our paper, if you haven’t read it, addresses this at length”

What paper is that?