Critical Race Theory and Christianity

Living in St. Louis, I’ve been privy to conversations surrounding Revoice, the Missouri Presbytery, South City Church, Michelle Higgins, Covenant Seminary (my parents were once on the board), and other issues.

I’m troubled by the way Critical Theory is influencing the PCA and other self-proclaimed reformed denominations. Although Critical Theory can be helpful in some ways, on the whole, I find its epistemology incompatible with Christianity. As they say, “If you want to tell a great lie, stick closely to the truth.”

It is not surprising to me that Michelle Higgins has left the PCA and is now the Reverend of St. John’s Church, as many people who have adopted Critical Theory find it harder and harder to reconcile their worldview with orthodoxy. Some, like Higgins, slide to the left; many others have slipped away from Christianity altogether.

I came across Neil Shenvi’s apologetics in response to Critical Theory. Although the intro is a bit jarring, he breaks down what is critically wrong with Critical Theory and how it functions as a worldview contrary to Christianity. I do not know much about him, but I found this to be a helpful read.

George Floyd’s death and the response that followed has demonstrated that evangelicals are ill-equipped and largely incompetent in their ability to discern what is happening right in front of them. Gender, sexuality, and even race have become a Trojan horse, and it doesn’t look like many of our leaders are doing their homework. While the universities work around the clock raising lions with their “research,” most churches seem to be providing their sheep little more than milk.


Another contribution from Neil Shenvi on the matter can be found here, I found it quite useful:


Neil Shenvi and Founders Ministeries have the best content I’ve seen addressing Critical Theory and Critical Race Theory and how it is impacting the church today. James Lindsay also have very helpful content over at NewDiscourses, although he is an avowed atheist, so take what he says with a grain of salt.


Prof. Owen Strachan of Midwestern Baptist has done some good videos on " Christianity & Wokeness"; the first one is at
It is a bit of a shock to find such a false religion apparently taking over some churches.

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A couple of podcasts on critical theory and Christianity, for anyone interested:

James Lindsay features in both of these, he is an atheist (formerly aligned with the “new atheists” and quite hostile to Christianity), but he is also the coauthor (with Helen Pluckrose) on the newish book “Cynical Theories” which is a sustained look into the history and disruptive influence of critical theory, intersectionality, and related phenomena.