Credenda Agenda's 9/11 Issue


I’ve heard Pastor Tim Bayly refer to Credenda Agenda’s special 9/11 issue before, and as we have just passed the 18th anniversary of 9/11, I thought it prudent to share that issue here.

The pdf link does not work. You have to read the issue in the HTML version only.

Whether or not Doug Wilson and the other men who collaborated on this issue still believe the things they wrote at the time, the things they wrote were courageous and from faith. As Reformed Christians who believe in the exhaustive providence of God across all time and space, we must believe that God works in history to both bless us and judge us, both in our individual lives and in our corporate, national lives.


I also tried to track down a PDF version, and couldn’t find it. The links to the print-ready versions work, though, and they are much easier to read. Here is the whole thing in links, except for the short introduction, which you can read directly at the link above from @bencarmack.

Verbatim: Quotations on America, Her God, Her War, and Her Judgment — Falwell and Others

God Struck AmericaDouglas Wilson

Cave of Adullam: National Day of Prayer Order of Worship — Priests of Every Baal


It hasn’t gotten much better since then.