CRC Elder's Handbook

(Allan Eisses) #1

Hey all - I’d love some feedback on the following pages out of the CRC produced “Elder’s Handbook”. I am not part of a Christian Reformed Church, although I did grow up in one. Most of my family is in the denomination, and a brother of mine is entering into eldership (with fear and trepidation, aware of the current soft spots of the CRC).

This specific section is what I was wanting feedback on. It strikes me as a compromised response from the start, due to the language of “homosexual member” and so on.

Just how bad (or appropriate) is this section on homosexuality? And how should I encourage my brother as he enters eldership in the CRC?

(Joseph Bayly) #2

It’s bad. Very bad.

Give him a copy of The Grace of Shame. The whole purpose of the book is in dealing with these sorts of errors in the church.

(Allan Eisses) #3

Yes, I’ll certainly do that Joseph. Appreciate the confirmation.