Covid Communion

There has been some discussion here of churches temporarily “closing” during the Covid Crisis, our responibility, etc. I haven’t read everything but haven’t seen communion discussed specifically. Sorry if it has been and I’ve missed it. (And feel free to delete this thread if so.)

But what are your guys’ churches doing specifically, practically. Postponing? Small groups? Household? Visiting?

I’m generally not ok with household/family communion. I suggested “small groups” at church still meet, and could possibly do it that way (but then we got new ‘orders’ that make small groups quasi-illegal).

Our church is tentatively planning to distribute the bread and wine Saturday and take it together when we livestream of service Sunday.


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Perhaps all of this will lead us to rethink the propriety of the Scottish practice of quarterly communion in the out of doors.


So we’re a weekly communing CREC church, until two weeks ago. Right now my pastor is trying to work with local authorities to get an Easter service with communion, the plan is currently to attempt to livestream the service and then have those who are able to in the church drive to some sort of communion service over the next hour or so.

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