Covenant Theological Seminary and the decline of the PCA

(Tim Bayly) #62

He’s never called me.

Seriously though, feel free to take over the work. It would be a great relief.

We have three openings:

  1. Global warming.

  2. Church officers have no authority.

  3. Warhorn’s critiques of Revoice are “rumors,” “falsehoods,” “patently false,” “slanderous,” “sinfully slander,” “slander,” “completely untrue,” “actively misrepresenting,” “misinformation,” “misbehavior,” “falsehood,” “untrue,” “falsehoods,” “attacks,” “distractions,” “noise,” “confusion.”

Take your pick. I’m tired.


(AndreasM) #63

I guess it’s our task now to call Tim and encourage him!:grinning:

(Dan Burke) #64


Just want to say thanks again for taking my call today and for the things and articles you shared. It was helpful and encouraging. Thanks also for the reminder from our last phone conversation about David Talcott. I will reach out to him this week and see if I can glean any good curriculum ideas from him.

Keep the discussions going. They are worth it even when exhausting.


(Jay Tuck) #65

We’re in the middle of a simmering potential crisis at our church that ultimately stems from a “church officers have no authority to rebuke” assumption. And your work has been a great help.

(Tim Bayly) #66

Praise God, Jay! Love,

(Tim Bayly) #67

No, thank you, dear brother. Love,