Covenant Theological Seminary and the decline of the PCA

(Andrew Dionne) #1

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(Joseph Bayly) #2

The pastor at the church is one of three board members of Faith for Justice, which was putting the event on. The church’s worship leader is the pastor’s daughter and one of only three people who work for Faith for Justice. But somehow the session and pastoral staff had no idea what Faith for Justice was intending to do.

And I’ve got some beach-front property to sell you.

Anyway, what a sad list of documented failures of the PCA to love those who need discipline.

(David Burchard) #3

So, for those men in the PCA, what’s the next step? Are there ways to discipline an entire presbytery at this upcoming GA?

(Andrew Dionne) #4

If MO Presbytery does not do as they should, two other presbyteries can appeal their work to the Standing Judicial Commission. Men from each of the presbyteries can populate the Committee of Commissioners for CTS and raise a ruckus, too. The process for getting Dalbey dismissed needs to be reviewed and action taken there too (not sure myself).

But, the rot is so deep and widespread in the PCA, the time has come for new works.

(Ken Lamb) #5

Thank you for this excellent article.

(David Burchard) #6

You don’t think the tide can be turned? A minister in PA has been watching the downgrade for 25 years and brought up the idea of a new denomination, one that strictly adhered to the Confession.

(Matthew Hoover) #7

Thank you men for doing the work to put this list together.

(Andrew Dionne) #8

I’d think the tide could be turned if I saw the conservatives doing anything other than posturing…or if I saw some presbyteries willing to discipline her member churches and ministers. But I don’t. So, no, I don’t think the tide will turn. It is time for the good men in the PCA to turn to something new if they don’t want to spend the next twenty years in useless battles.

No more undefined big tent, no more aspirations for worldly clout, no more empty talk of reformed and always reforming. God protect us from the same vain ambitions.

(Gary) #9

Sorry is it South Central Church as you say in the article or South City Church?

(Joseph Bayly) #10

It’s South City. Thanks for the correction. Working on fixing it.

Edited to add: Fixed.

(Tim Bayly) #11

It’s not as much the Confession as it is preaching to the conscience and loving, firm pastoral care from both pastors and elders. Also, it must be remembered that the present sexual rot is so recent and unprecedented in church history that the subordinate standards say nothing about the Creation Order, for instance. It was simply assumed. Love,

(David Burchard) #12

Does that mean your church will withdraw?

(Andrew Dionne) #13

Our elder board is discussing it and, as I have communicated to the congregation, will make some recommendations. The ultimate decision is in the hands of the congregation.

(Nathan Smith) #14

I wonder how many rank-and-file PCAers know these things. I bet not many. Maybe most don’t want to know.

I was discussing some of these things over Christmas with my brother. He tries to keep up with things but was pretty surprised. We’re both Baptists so we don’t even really have the machinery to deal with this type of thing.

(Tyson Turner) #15

And the PCA’s current Moderator is in the group’s cover photo!

(Tim Bayly) #16

Please fill this in, Tyson. What group? What pic? Link?

(Tyson Turner) #18

I don’t think I am mistaken…

Faith for Justice Twitter

(Andrew Dionne) #19

Tyson, you are right. Irwin Ince, last year’s GA moderator.

(Gary) #20

i assume Nabil Ince is a relation of Iriwn:

(Joseph Bayly) #21

Brothers, there are connections and friendships all across the PCA. Is it worth noting who is in pictures? Yes, but only when the picture is proof of something more than these are, I think. Not that friendships and associations don’t tell us anything. They do.

But let’s keep to the pertinent facts and actors. If somebody had a picture of me in a group photo with my son’s friends who happened to also be Kinists, I’d be disappointed if people assumed I knew all about them and what they stood for. Not a perfect analogy, but I think you all probably get what I mean.