Cornell West

What is the skinny on this Cornell West guy?

He was mentioned in a tweet by @tbbayly and that got me thinking.

We have had a fill-in preacher for the past few weeks, a member of our church that I don’t know too well, but who has preached when our pastor hasn’t done the preaching for different reasons. He has mentioned and quoted Cornell West a few times, generally positively. Now, you dont have to think highly of someone to quote them. People that are very wrong and even outside the faith can still make good points that are worth thinking about. But he has always recommended West’s ideas to us without any type of stated reservation about the man’s character or greater body of work and thought.

My gut however is generally against West. I have thought of him as a Marxist and a black nationalist, but that may be way off. Wikipedia says he is a Baptist which, I will admit as a Baptist, means almost nothing.

“A little help here, guys…”

I haven’t followed him closely, but my impression of West is that he’s like Paglia: a public intellectual who isn’t a Christian by any stretch, but he’s far enough above the Twitter mobs that he’s willing to make them mad.