Conversion therapy organization founder comes out as gay: 'Please forgive me'

I have a couple thoughts on this.

First, it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth for parachurch orgs, or maybe it embitters a bad taste I already had. Such organizations have no protections from disasters like this, since there is no one to call their leadership to account.

Second, it seems we have a great blindness in the church. Anyone who is not blinded should have been able to tell from this guy’s speech, mannerisms, and social media presence that he is effeminate. See:

He even has many, many pictures featuring the classic “soyboy” face: mouth open, eyes wide, tongue lolling out. A disgusting display. Further back in his social media, before he announced he was gay, he had a disturbing fixation on his body, filling social media with parts of himself that nobody wants to see. Additionally, the text and content of his posts are incredibly womanly.

That said, I do not know anything about his organization, “Hope for Wholeness.” It may be that this apostate man will be used as an effective tool to turn many from their sin. But with this coming on the heels of the Josh Harris fiasco, I see a great blindness among us.

Were any of you aware of him or his org before now? If so, what were your thoughts on it?

Well, he was fired, right?

I don’t really disagree, but accountability is hard and rarely done, even in churches. Congregational churches are only slightly better able to be held to account than parachurch organizations.

Never heard of him. Media catechizers lie by presenting him as if he was a national spokesman for obeying the sex God made us. Love,

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@adionne, had you heard of this ministry?

His Facebook description is: “Former ministry leader know-it-all. Living a grace-based, authentically-true-self. Enjoying life Out”

Makes me think he’s been mislead by the Revoice/LivingOut influences. Sad. The church (myself included) has truly failed to love homosexuals well (though not in the way many would have us think).


Nope. First I’ve heard of him or the ministry.

Reason I asked is because if you, living in the same city as the organization haven’t heard of it, well… that tells us something doesn’t it? Lol.


Hmm… I assumed, because of the “Post and Courier” link, that it was Charleston. Not so…it’s here in the Upstate. News to me.

Contrived news story?

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Yes. And an attention seeker who is basking in the attention.