Contraceptive Cons

A friend shared this with me. Passing along.

Contraceptive Cons by James A. Altena | Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity (

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Jim is a precious writer, and Touchstone is a reliable provider of such pedantry. But the Touchstone editors are good men and this piece is thorough in arguing against the sterilization of the marriage bed by Christians. Jim’s mistaken in denying church fathers condemned Onan’s withdrawal on basis of the Levitical law. Luther himself condemns Onan for depriving his brother’s wife of the pleasure of children: “and excite the woman, and to frustrate her at that very moment.” Luther deals thoroughly, not only with the “sodomitic” nature of the crime, but also the wickedness of violating the Levitical law.

What’s really quite astounding is Jim’s utter failure to mention—he doesn’t even mention—the slaughter of the unborn by means of the very “contraceptives” which are the center of his piece. Imagine writing a few thousand words against the universal practice of contraception in Christ’s Church today without ever saying a word about the slaughter of the unborn by means of the very thing under discussion. He mentions later term abortions, but nary a word about contraceptive abortions.

I’d write this to Jim, but he’s extremely sensitive to any slightest criticism, so I’ll leave it be, only bothering to say it here. As I said earlier in the week, I’m bordering on disinterested in any Christian opposition to abortion (let alone “contraception”) that doesn’t mention the largest percentage of abortion which is committed by so called “contraception” in the first days of life. Love,