Cold takes: Comic-Con 2019

New Warhorn Media post by Nathan Alberson:

Are there spoilers in this episode? Asking for a friend who is still back in 2017 …

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“Cold Takes” is a great idea for a segment. Think you guys will do one on Kevin Hart being uninvited to host the Oscar’s?

Ironically, my worry is that these takes are too hot for me … I might let them cool off for 6-9 months.

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Maybe they can do one about the all-women Ghostbusters reboot while you get up to speed. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha. I don’t care about spoilers for things not worth watching. I listened to MIB: International without hesitation. Spoil away.

I honestly don’t remember what spoilers there are or aren’t

Here’s a challenge for those with unpopular opinions:

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I succeeded on my first try!

But I’m to embarrassed to publicly admit the movie…

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Lady in the Water

Love that movie. Incredible. It moves me to tears every time.

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Come on man. Spill it.

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Not successful unless you fess up.

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I think it’s a fun movie. I’m not sure I could explain what else I like about it. Something to the effect that it feels like a snapshot of a larger story… And something else. Not the underage drinking.

May have to make some time to go watch it again.

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I feel like I really enjoyed Lady in the Water too.

From what I remember. I think I last saw it in the theater.


Push rocks. Nuff said.

Well if @nathanalberson likes it…

I haven’t seen it. Looks like a strange combination of teenager superheroes (which I don’t like) and x-files (which I can’t get enough of). Maybe if I see it on TNT someday I’ll DVR it.