Churches reopening in Iowa

Today, our governor updated the emergency declaration to allow churches to begin meeting again, citing in her press conference the acknowledgement of “significant constitutional liberties” associated with spiritual and religious gatherings. The amended mandate stipulates that churches must abide by hygiene and social distancing guidelines laid out by the department of health.

I’m not sure yet exactly what those social distancing guidelines will look like in our church, but I am thankful for this new development… for a number of reasons. :slight_smile:


How well are people’s churches and church life managing? The one I go to hasn’t met since March 22nd, but thanks to Facebook and Zoom, we’re still functioning - and our small group life is a lot better! One interesting thing, too, is seeing on FB where people are watching our services from - and by no means is it limited to the UK.

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We’ve been using YouTube streaming for our Sunday gatherings, and Zoom for Sunday evening and Wednesday night. I’ve been thankful for that.