Church reform(4): avoid clean pastors

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:


This has been my favorite post so far in the series. Your last exhortation, that we should pray for bloody pastors, has given me a new thing to pray for our pastor and elders.

Thank you, Pastor Tim.


“First, when people bring his name up, it’s typical for them to preface their comment with, “I don’t agree with (John Doe) about everything.””
This reminds me of the temptation we have to say things like, “I’m not a fundamentalist, but” or "I don’t like pentacostalism, but " . All too often, what we’re saying is “I’m sophisticated, but” and dissassociating ourselves from fellow Christians in order to court acceptance by the World. There’s a time to talk about other people’s errors, but it’s when we’re talking to them, not when we’re talking to common enemies.


Great point. Further, in what other context does agreeing with someone mean that we must be agreeing with everything they’ve ever said? It would be rare to find someone say, “Now I don’t after with Calvin/Luther/Augustine on everything, but…”

As if, sans preface, someone would legitimately thing quoting Luther on justification must mean you agree with him on consubstantiation. It’s absurd.