Christmas gift ideas for boys

My wife just sent me a message that she had found a gift for our 6 year old son. So, obviously she gets the credit for this idea.

Please chime in with your own gift idea for boys. Feel free to branch out to other ages, but there’s a little 6yo boy living in every man. The consequence of this is that if you can find a gift that a 6yo boy would like, you can give it to any male that’s 6 or older.


Poll for women:
Do you believe me that gifts for a 6yo boy are perfect for any man?

  • Yes
  • No

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Poll for men:
True or false: You want a marshmallow gun.

  • True
  • Obviously
  • Hold on, let me get my credit card

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Stomp rockets are super fun, especially these dueling ones that let you complete 1 on 1 for jumping power.

Stomp Rocket Dueling Rockets, 4 Rockets and Rocket Launcher - Outdoor Rocket Toy Gift for Boys and Girls Ages 6 Years and Up - Great for Outdoor Play with Friends in The Backyard and Parks

Wallow talkies and headlamps are also a big hit in our home.


My son is only 16 months, but he’ll be getting some of those cardboard brick-type blocks. He loves knocking down big towers of blocks.


I’m normally not in favor of wasting food, but this mallow gun makes it easier since marshmallows aren’t really food. Now if there were a Peeps and Circus Peanuts Gun that would really help us recycle some waste around here!


Whoops, I read the questions before the instructions. I voted against all the women.

My family had a ton of fun with marshmallows guns one year. Mom bought them all of us (grandfathers, uncles, fathers, boys). She hid hers, preloaded, behind her until we figured out what was going on.

Thanks for reminding me to fight my inner crumudgeon. But, no, I still don’t want one.

Wait. You’ve already gotten one and had a ton of fun with it. You’ll have to change your vote to “I’ve already got one.” lol

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Here’s what I got for the boys in church and also my nephews:

Funny thing is that I first noticed these at a Christian bookstore.


I got a Bug-A-Salt gun for my husband one year, which is only slightly more grown up and practical than a marshmallow gun.


Love these ideas. Keep them coming.

You’ll have to decide on when the child is mature enough for something like a knife, but here is what I got a couple of my kids last Christmas. (Also available at Amazon, link below.)

Morakniv, of Sweden, makes a nice fixed blade knife that has a rounded tip. It has been great for teaching knife safety. We’ve had a couple cuts, but nothing worth stitches.

  • It is sharp.
  • It is fixed, so the blade won’t fold and close down on little fingers.
  • The rounded tip makes stabbing a real difficulty.
  • It is available on Amazon for around $12.
  • It’s not a toy, and demands responsibility.
  • There is a “Pro” version, with a rubber handle for a few bucks more.

A safer option for younger children, for cutting things like fruits, vegetables, and other food, would be this little “Dog Knife”. (Around $10).

  • This isn’t going to cut anything your other knives couldn’t, but it’s safer and would be their knife, and that’s pretty cool when you’re a kid.
  • Just imagine all the “help” in the kitchen!

Another huge group of options would be tools. I’m sure my sons would be excited if I were to give them each a little tool box with some basic tools. Keep in mind that easy access to tools will mean easy access to mischief. Have materials available for them to work on so they don’t go scavenging for their own. (And keep all nails, screws, and anything else that could impale a tire cleaned up and out of the garage and driveway!)


I’ve started out each of my boys with a basic tool box like this and I add to them from time to time at birthdays and Christmases (for instance from an Ace Hardware that carries a better than usual selection of hand tools).
I was surprised to find that as soon as tools were given, all of my scrap lumber was immediately considered fair game! Now there are all kinds of little wooden creations with a bunch of nails in them, in various stages of construction, around the boys’ work bench in the garage. Ha.


We bought one of these for our oldest boy years ago, and it finally bit the dust:

This year we decided to get three new ones, one for each of our older boys. These are great because you can get hit pretty hard by this thing without it causing any serious damage. So there’s enough pain for it to be fun, but not enough that I’m worried about them using them on each other. It’ll provide good teaching moments. :wink:

Edit to add: I’ll have to bring them up to the Bayly family Christmas so that @jtbayly and I can test them out properly.


We’ve made marshmallow catapults the past couple years and the kids really dig them. We plan on making some for cousins too this year and having an epic time🤩 google it for instructions! Really fun, cheap, homemade gift.