Chip and Lance: The Quarantine - Warhorn Media

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I wasn’t sure how this would work for my kids, ages 16 to 9, and most of them not wanting to like it, having found sanityville annoying in the past as they’ve overheard it.

But they all enjoyed it, they didn’t all laugh at the same places, but none of them felt that it was too juvenile for them, and the practical lesson (what a quarantine is) didn’t feel pedantic to those that didn’t need it.

In short, all five of them laughed, and none of them wanted to leave the room. That’s a pretty successful start, I think.


Yay us! :heart: :innocent:

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My kids (12, 9, and 6) loved it. They listened to it a few times and then asked their father to listen with them again after dinner. The 6 year old absolutely loved the killer bees ending. They were disappointed today when I put on today’s Sound of Sanity for myself and it wasn’t Chip and Lance!


New one tomorrow, Lord willing. :heart:


I’m hearing Chip & Lance catchphrases during lunch. Brain Pills, Goodnight Moon, etc. I think my 14yo particularly enjoys the stupid-simple intro: “It’s the Chip and Lance Show … with Chip … and Lance”


My kids are quoting it, too. The other day my 4yo asked at dinner, “Daddy, can we listen to sip?” We often turn some music on during dinner, but I had no idea what she was talking about. The other kids straightened me out.

And the next morning at breakfast a new episode was out, so I indulged her. :slight_smile:


My kids (2, 5, 7, 8, 9) loved the first couple episodes. Have been asking if there are more each day after work.

The highlight in my house was ending the doxology with AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa-men.


My kids love Chip and Lance! Thanks to you, they now call the quarantine the “velveteen” and crack themselves up all over again. :laughing: