Children wise to fear hand dryers, and 13-year-old proves it with published

My children generally, and one son in particular, are terrified of hand driers. A long discussion about this article can be found here.

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Oh funny. Yes, my three-year-old is beyond terrified of the new high power ones. And my husband recently sent an article showing that testing proves that all they do is shoot particles of poop at high-speed through the air at your hands. Blech!!

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110 decibels… Sheesh. Unbelievable.

I’m actually skeptical of these numbers because that’s so loud. But it certainly warrants further investigation. Or you can just use your pants.

Hand dryers are a waste of time, space, and energy anyway. They don’t do a good job. Just use your pants.

But 110 decibels?..


I completely believe it. The new high powered ones are seriously painful to my ears. I just had the experience last week of thinking “I know this is not good for me to keep using. It hurts so bad.” In that particular case it was mounted inside a metal alcove with an angled bottom that aimed reflected sound straight toward my face. I’ve only heard something that loud before at the Oshkosh Air Show. And I’ve been to several other air shows.

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As someone who spends his days walking around setting off smoke detectors to test that they are operating properly, I can say that proximity has a lot to do with the impact. Little kids are truly at the height that the sound would hit them directly, we only get it indirectly.


As a general rule, if a sound hurts your ears, then it’s causing permanent, irreversible hearing loss.

I wish every bathroom would just have paper towels, I hate walking out with wet hands!