Chick-fil-A To Stop Donations To Charities With Anti-LGBT Views

A friend wrote to me by email yesterday:

[So-and-so] was walking across campus the other day after CFA announced their cowardice publicly, spicy chicken sandwich in his hand, and someone shouted, “Does the homophobia in your sandwich taste good.”

Note that this is after the announcement of their change. Thinking of @FaithAlone’s comment about sharks, I replied:

I don’t know what they were thinking by caving. Did they really expect it to get them goodwill? Like a swimmer cutting off a bit of his arm as a goodwill gesture to the circling sharks.

And I think that’s a lot more like it. They’ve brought the public’s attention back to themselves, by hurting themselves. Still so saddened by this.


“Wait! How do we please everybody?!?!”



According to this link, 2 years ago CFA gave $2500 to the Southern Poverty Law Center. I verified it in their 990, which the article helpfully linked. That’s not even a small gift for them. They’ve got gifts as small as $250, and it looks like about half of their gifts are less than $2500.

It’s mind boggling to me that they would give money to such a terrible, anti-Christian organization.

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More stats derived from that form 990:

  • Out of 372 gifts, the median gift was $1000.
  • 69% of the gifts (256 out of 372) were $5000 and under
  • The top 40 gifts ($60,000 and up) account for 75% of the giving

I’d say $2500 was a middle of the road sized gift for them that year.

*This is from their gifts actually given, not taking into account the ones approved for the future.

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Is it possible that some of the donations were part of a matching program for employee donations?

It’s possible, I suppose, but if you glance through the 990, I think you’ll agree that it doesn’t look likely. It appears that all the donations are according to specific criteria and chosen by the foundation. Nor can I find any evidence online of an employee non-profit donation matching program.

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