Can Warhorn publish “Good order in the church”?

This book has been immensely helpful to us.

It was never officially published but it is chock full of research from a Hebrew scholar. I’ve been paying 40 bucks a pop to have them printed.

If the author is dead, the work unpublished, the copyright goes with his estate to presumably his wife or children.

I’m guessing this bootleg digital version is the best that you can hope for, unless the family wants to see it published.

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Good to know, though I guess it’s up to someone to repackage the core ideas and quote heavily.

I’ve talked to his daughter and only heir, and she is agreeable to it being published. She has all of his additional notes as well. If interested, DM me. If you guys aren’t, all good, I’ll search elsewhere.

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I’ve emailed you. I’m interested in what I’ve seen thus far. Love,


Wow. This book is huge. I mean, LONG! No wonder it costs $40 a pop to print it.

I think there are a couple of ways forward. Regardless of whether we get directly involved or not, I’ll be happy to give some advice.


I have 2 spare copies I can mail out if anyone is interested, just DM me