Calling all ePub readers!

I’ve been working on e-book formatting for Warhorn book projects, and I need to run some tests on various e-book devices. I’ve done a fair amount of Kindle testing, but I’m particularly looking for folks who read e-books on ePub devices, such as Nook and Kobo.

Anybody use one of those devices and like to do some e-book testing (and get a sneak peek at some content)?


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I have a kobo and would be happy to help.

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Thanks! I’ll send it your way shortly.

I actually read ePub books on the Google Play Books app on Android, if you want a test on that platform.


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That would be great! Just sent you a private message.

Just kindle and iBooks for me.

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What devices do you do your Kindle and iBooks reading on, Ken?

iPhone 11 and iPad Air