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Well done. Lives are lost from cyber criminals shutting down hospitals like Chicago’s Lurie Children’s Hospital. Find and prosecute them for murder. Children have died.

Some of the details Hur cited were pretty surprising to me.

Looks like a lovely family taking a serious photo.

Amazing read, John. Just posted this:

We’ve always known Pres Biden isn’t our functional president, but a deep-state puppet whose senility is a perfect match for the job. Special Counsel Hur leaves no doubt: “He [Biden] did not remember when he was vice president, forgetting on the first day of the interview when his term ended (‘if it was 2013 - when did I stop being Vice President?’), and forgetting on 2nd day of the interview when his term began (‘in 2009, am I still Vice President?’),” Hur wrote. “He did not remember, even within several years, when his son Beau died.”

So an elderly man whose mental incapacity disqualifies him from facing a jury remains qualified to run for reelection to the Oval Office. #invoke25th

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If these are the closest thing to “lies” Politico could come up with, Putin is Honest Abe. 5 lies and 1 truth from Putin’s interview with Tucker Carlson – POLITICO

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There will be no 25th Amendment for Biden. The same people who would have to invoke it are the same people (more or less) who chose Biden for us. The people who rule us would be very happy with a cardboard cutout in the Oval Office, and that’s essentially what Biden is. Everyone who runs things knows the script: Open the border, hollow out the middle class, keep the sugar flowing to Raytheon.

The conspiracies of Tenth and Philly Presbytery (PCA) are nothing new. They must be exposed. It’s only love.

Church discipline and public speaking of truth allow healing for victims and call sinners to repentance. Are these things not love? Out of Our Minds | Tenth Presbyterian Church: What to learn about privacy and hiding abuse

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Sorry in advance for an overly long comment, but, that article is something else. Nothing new in substance, but a cut above average in terms of how blatantly the writers posture as arbiters of truth while splitting hairs and manipulating language to gin up the “five lies” they were determined to find and report on. This part was particularly absurd:

Who banned peace talks?

What he said: “The president of Ukraine has legislated a ban on negotiating with Russia.”

Why he’s wrong: President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a decree banning negotiations specifically with Putin, not Russia as a country.

“With this Russian president, it is impossible. He does not know what dignity and honesty are. We are ready for dialogue with Russia, but with a different president,” Zelenskyy said.

Putin, however, perceives that he himself is the single legitimate representative of Russia. His key officials share the same feeling: “There is no Russia today if there is no Putin,” said Vyacheslav Volodin, head of the lower house of Russia’s parliament.

In other words – Zelenskyy didn’t forbid negotiating with the Russian government; he only forbade negotiating with the executive whom the highest officials in the Russian government all agree is the sole legitimate representative of the Russian government! In other words, he forbade negotiating with the de facto Russian government until it is, functionally, replaced with another government … which, these writers assure us, is somehow not forbidding negotiating with the Russian government. “We’ll negotiate with the Russians, but only when they become Western liberals like us.”

Does this sort of transparently foolish article convince anyone that Putin is a liar? It almost seems as if this propaganda isn’t really meant to convince anyone of anything on an intellectual level, but instead that the writers feel they ought to be producing some kind of media noise jamming the signal of whatever’s coming out of Moscow. So they publish the obligatory fact check while putting forth almost no effort, probably thinking most people will read only the headline and assume it’s a substantial refutation and be reinforced in the belief that we Western liberals are the good guys who always tell the truth. The machine plods on without a heart.

The really ironic thing is that Putin is undoubtedly lying in far more subtle ways than any of this, throughout the interview pitching a carefully crafted grand narrative of Russian empire, and because the caliber of our journalistic class is just as poor as the caliber of our political class, the writers are unable to substantially answer any of it. So far I haven’t been able to find any intelligent response to his claims, at least in English.

And that plays directly into Putin’s hands, because I assume that his goal with this interview, and especially in opening it with a thirty-minute off-the-dome monologue about the past 1200 years of Russian history, was not so much to pitch to Westerners a plausible geopolitical justification for annexing Ukraine (since very few people in the West care about any of that), but to present a contrast between the caliber of his leadership and the men and women in high office in the West. At one point, Tucker tried to interrupt Putin’s monologue, and he responded with an irritated, “You promised we were going to have a serious conversation about geopolitics, not put on a show.” But the interview was a show, in the opposite direction: Putin’s careful portrayal of a “serious leader” who has “serious conversations.” It’s a good show because it’s at least partly true, especially in contrast to the madness in the West and the concurrent report from the DOJ on President Biden’s clear senility. But the intent and effect is to make us sympathetic with Putin’s cause just because he’s an old-school power broker – sane, articulate, Machiavellian, and basically competent, at a time when lots of Westerners crave that kind of firmness and stability. Geopolitics won’t win men’s hearts or gather any Western conservative sympathy for Russia, but this kind of thing might, whether justly or not.


Well said well said

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I wondered if Biden may have been overdoing being old and senile to get out of being charged. But when your quote said he could not remember details about his son Beau who died of cancer, then that seemed too far fetched. He might be more out of it than Woodrow Wilson was.

Minus the insane, incomprehensible, absurd, and incompetent invasion.

That’s what I don’t get. About any of this. Putin comes off as Machiavellian while making an idiotic decision. Putin comes off as morally superior to the West while being as slimy a crook as any American politician. Putin speaks of himself in terms of Russian destiny while being in power purely because he was the most vanilla option available.

I find myself sympathising with him sometimes! What on earth…


Biden has repeatedly publicly stated in recent years that Beau died in Iraq, which he certainly did not. This seems like an odd thing to lie about—it’s easily fact checked, unlike many of his other tall tales—so I can only conclude that he is genuinely confused about the topic of his son’s death.

The thing I found so interesting about the link is the stupid things they singled out as lies, and their explanations of why they were lies. Mostly lies their accusations of lies were, but I don’t want to waste time pointing them out. What America has to figure out is if we want to be an empire. I sincerely hope not.

Personally, I wish we would stop pouring out federal budget into servicing Raytheon at the expense of hatred around the world. My one exception might be tiny little Taiwan, but I’m prejudiced there. “Let Europe fend for themselves,” said Timothy Lindbergh.

Not sure what to do about Israel, though.



Preaching that is Biblical always reduces us from what we like to think we are to what we truly are. Man never stops lying to himself. Gospel preaching exposes his lies by the light of God’s glory in the power of God’s Spirit. Both the lost and found need this. #goodshepherd

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This, originally from the UK’s Telegraph newspaper:

Is Jill Biden secretly running America? | Stuff

Writing abt Adam/Eve & Cain/Abel, Luther points out both Adam and Cain accuse God. “The woman you gave me” and “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Luther says only two people in world: those who accuse God and those who accuse themselves. So true. Preach it. Live it. #goodshepherd

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Who’s worse—Donald Trump or the pastor who doesn’t protect his sheep from wolves? From cheap grace, effeminacy, hormonal birth control murders, female rebellion, manosphere, sacramentalism…

Donald Trump or pastors who refuse to fence the Table and always and only welcome their sheep to the Table by perpetually saying, “Come!” “Come!” “Be cheerful!” “Be presumptuous and complacent.” “Come!”

Stop and think about Jesus’ warnings against Herod and Pilate as opposed to His warnings against the elders, priests, and seminary profs. Kinda disproportionate in frequency and intensity, aren’t they? “You blind guides who strain out a gnat and swallow a camel” (Matthew 23:24).


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Well said We will all worship something, so worship the only true God.


Excellent piece by dear friend and brother:

Pres. Trump is right about NATO. Europeans know it full well. US providing their defense allows them to spend their money on unsustainable social welfare programs.

Think of Trump’s resolve as Dad overruling Mom, kicking 28 yr old son out of house. “Grow up, son.”


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In Gospels note categories of people & their relationship w/Jesus. Fisherman good. Sinners good. Lost sheep good. Big shot elders & famous pastors & seminary profs? They hated Him & He excoriated them. Sheep, remember this. “Many false prophets have gone out” #goodshepherd