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E.g. Pope forcibly removes a leading US conservative, Texas bishop Strickland (

Misspelled Voddie Bauchum & program suggested Voodoo Bacchus. :scream:

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Ross: yes, I just saw that. Orthodox Roman Catholics are scared.

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I liked popes better when they were Catholic.

But pity the true believers in Rome. It’s one thing to point to the awful popes of the Middle Ages and celebrate how they didn’t change church doctrine (whether that’s true or not, the Middle Ages were a long time ago). It’s another thing to have to do fealty to a Bishop of Rome who obviously doesn’t share your faith.

We shall see if Rome can escape the fate of the Episcopalians. It’s not looking good at the moment.


Had a RC friend tell me the recent ‘issues’ in the Church of England are gentle calls to come home to mother church.

I just laughed.


That was a colorable argument before Red Frank got the papacy. Now? I think you gave it the right retort. It’s not even clear that Francis believes in the existence of Hell.


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So coy. So cute. Megan Rapinoe is quintessence of USWNT netherworld. Want to test your sanctity? Check our her statement, then confess ur faith concerning her anywhere on social media. Christians publicly expose shame & condemn blasphemy. Ephesians 5:11

At session’s recommendation, Christ Pres in Nashville approves the resignation of Scott Sauls. Suspect it’s hard for men who worked under Keller at Redeemer to transition to any church with presbyterian polity having elders who exercise authority.

Sauls is the PCA’s highest-profile proponent of Revoice. MSN


My dad used to say, “An excuse is something with the skin of a reason, stuffed with a lie”. That Sauls had been on indefinite leave with an “unhealthy leadership style”, and this is why he ended up resigning, strikes me as an excuse. Thoughts?

Adolph Hitler issues press release saying genocide of American Democrats dwarfs his own genocide. He killed Jews but they kill babies. Little little babies. “It sickens me,” he said. “Look to your own house, you bloodthirsty ones.” Biden says Trump echoed Nazis with use of word 'vermin' | Reuters

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Abortion never be illegal til Church boldly preaches & recovers femininity, motherhood, & Biblical doctrine of fruitfulness written into DNA of universe. Instead, we use early birth control & they use late birth control Abortion & the Church is must read: Abortion and the Church - Warhorn Media


By God’s blessing, such was Jewish exceptionalism, once. Also American exceptionalism: “Your mother was like a vine in your vineyard, Planted by the waters; It was fruitful and full of branches Because of abundant waters” (Ezekiel 19:10). #femininefruitfulness

He admits it, but the lie in the room is that filthy rich congregation refused to discipline or even question his sexual heresies. Nor did his presbytery, and shame on them all.

Thirty years back, Allan Bloom pointed out the only “value” (he hated the word) left in America is being nice. When Christ Pres fired Ray Ortlund Jr. some years back, I said both pastor and church got what they deserved. It was Ray’s second church he had to leave whose main characteristic was pride and riches, so he knew precisely what he was getting into at Christ Pres—and wanted it once more. And they wanted a man who wanted their prestige and money, so there you have it. A match made in purgatory. Now it’s repeated itself w/Sauls.

For decades, PCA has studiously avoided substance while having hissy fits over process and personalities. Yes, men who desire wealth and prestige are imperious. Can anyone truly say they’re suprised? Yes, anyone who worked under Keller is dismissive of any authority other than the grand poobah/senior pastor. Elders were nothing at Redeemer, so Sauls also met a church that runs on southern pride and wealth and the women, rather than fawning over their golden-tongued prince. New York meet South. Monarchy meet plurality of eldership. Love,

PS: Revoice meet southern women.


Prestige is such a deceptive drug. So easy to excuse and mask. So hard to uproot from our souls.


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We protect lives by starving shooters of attention. We protect souls by starving Andy Stanley of attention. Tell your congregation they’re not to give him any attention. He’s a wolf. Then not another word. #goodshepherd


Agreed; and this raises a general question worth putting to all the pastors here, covenant or not. Do you know what your people are listening to/reading/taking on board, in terms of non-church input?

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