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On the subject of cities and city-dwellers, this just in from Gibbons’ “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire:”

“In all levies [drafts] the race of men born to the exercise of arms was sought for in the country rather than in cities; and it was very reasonably presumed, that the hardy occupations of smiths, carpenters, and huntsmen, would supply more vigor and resolution than the sedentary trades which are employed in the service of luxury.”

Immediately thought of the degradation of doctrine almost universal among PCA church planters, always at its worst among those styling themselves “in the city, for the city.”

The application of this principle of the Roman Empire still visible w/in Marine Corps today is that Christ’s Church should never look to pastors “employed in the service of luxury” for “vigor and resolution” in defending either the faith or Christ’s sheep.

It is never the tall-steeple pastors who have courage and contend faithfully.

What we should look to city pastors for is how to trim God’s truth in such a way as to convince the enemies of God that Christians are reasonable and pose no threat, while also convincing their urbane congregants that they aren’t apostates, but only solicitous and gentlemanly towards the lost.

It is small town, small church, and country pastors we should look to for help defending God’s Truth and Christ’s lambs. They’re ready to do it because they haven’t spent their ministry placating those drowning in luxury.



Another better pic of all of us in KB (Creekside) Church (Pastors Joel Linton and Mark Kuo) joined by our brothers and sisters of Shin Ju Reformed Church (Pastor Fang) for worship and lunch two weeks ago. #oneinChrist


Then the LORD said to Job, “Will the faultfinder contend with the Almighty? Let him who reproves God answer it.”

Then Job answered the LORD and said, 'Behold, I am insignificant; what can I reply to You? I lay my hand on my mouth." -Job 40:1-4


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“Bans off your bodies?” What callous cruel murderous lying selfishness. Does anyone say “no” to women anymore? They murder their own babies, then play the victim? Shut up! You are the oppressors. You are the murderers. You are the predators. You are not the victims. #endbabykillingNOW

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Church is dividing over killing babies in womb, ordaining soft men, women teaching/exercising authority over men, deleting 1000s of words from Bible…

Silence in face of growing wickedness betrays our Lord and His sheep. Expose & oppose. Be a peacemaker. Be a #goodshepherd

Gigamoon. Backyard astronomer shot 280k images through his 11 inch telescope, then patched together in Photoshop. Check it out. Astounding. The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament showeth His handiwork. Day after day and night after night they proclaim…

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Elders Reformed begins: “Elders are a blessing or a curse. They’re never insignificant.”

Give a copy to every pastor and elder you love.


Fr. Bill Mouser is the pastor-scholar whose stalwart defense of Biblical sexuality has inspired many of us for decades. Please pray for him, his wife Barbara, and their loved ones at his bedside as he passes through the valley of the shadow of death. -Proverbs 4:18


See you on the other side @Fr_Bill in that far greener country.


The most patriotic Taiwanese is the wife who gives herself to bearing and nursing and teaching her children. The least patriotic Taiwanese is the wife who gives herself to petting and cooing over and taking selfies with her dog. Stop it! #beautifulTaiwan

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As borne out by this recent incident with the Pope:

Pope Francis warns pets must not replace children in Italy - BBC News

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Fr. Bill has been taken by his Master. We will miss him greatly.


I only knew him through this forum and one or two podcast episodes you shared with him, but quickly came to treasure him in a number of ways. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to profit from him these last few years.


Christian response to boy/parents could be: “They can’t tell you to ‘dress like a boy’ because you are a boy. They’re right to forbid you dressing ‘like a girl’ b/c you are not a girl. Boys dressing like girls is against nature & a public moral scandal. They are right to forbid it.” Transgender girl misses her high school graduation after told to dress like a boy

Itching ears require the pastor’s promise not to wake them. Great awakening?

No. Awful awakening.

Sing us liturgical and sacramental lullabies. Preach us political and millenarian visions.

Preach with authority and you’re gone. Shut up about the fear of God. Lay off your bugle.



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Monroe County Community School Corporation is demanding tax increase to hire mothers for 3-5yr olds. School board explains: “Childcare and early childhood education factor into the strength of the workforce. A lot of families can’t afford early childhood education, which means they stay home, instead of joining the workforce.”

Mothers staying home to mother their own children will be forced to pay MCCSC mothers of children whose own mothers choose to leave their children, instead earning money in the “workforce.”

There is no public appreciation or sympathy for poor mothers who stay home. Around the world, mothers are despised and rejected, then taxed to fund other mother’s abandonment of their children. 8.5-cent property tax increase for early childhood ed mulled by MCCSC board, public outreach on May 24 – The B Square



Mark Cuban seems to be doing it right. Getting back to States, getting prescrips in order yesterday, I compared Amazon & Walmart prices to Cuban’s CostPlus online drugstore. Waaaay lower. Check it out.

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CIA/State Dept with evil players Soros/Gates/Zuckerberg plus NYT/CNN/WaPo support/promote psyops propaganda machine Bellingcat. Once more, Elon Musk gets it right

ChatGPT is tsunami across higher ed. All good if it forces profs’ return to humble work of teaching. Knowing students personally. Lecturing with tutoring. Then in-person oral exams w/no ChatGPT. Critical thinking must be taught/learned personally. #highered

Who does that?