Bad Movie Melee (Fantastic Beasts + The Northman)

New Warhorn Media post by Nathan Alberson:

Enjoyed both halves of this quite a bit. The former I expected to skip through, because I’ve never read Harry Potter, but the discussion about the homosexual storyline was surprising to me and interesting. The marketing I would say is effective at hiding these things from the parents who are needed to drive their tweens and teens to the movie theater.

And then there was Nathan’s rant in the second half. Nicely done. :slight_smile: I want to ask: when comparing The Northman to The Godfather, is it really only that The Godfather has Kay Adams and Connie Corleone? The Godfather is constantly showing us normal Italian family life undermined by mafia business (starting with Vito’s office and feds checking cars at the wedding.) Kay helps us understand that and makes it personal, especially in part 2. Eggers doesn’t understand healthy families the way Coppola arguably does so he can’t show us that self-evident contrast. At least, I saw it that way, but of course I’ve seen The Godfather many more times than The Northman.


No I think there’s more. My lack of detail had more to do with being mid-rant. :slight_smile:

Glad you enjoyed!

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FWIW: having seen the Fantastic Beasts movie, the gay storyline was not especially convincing - neither actor left me thinking that their characters were gay.

One line that did stick with me, positively, which prequels something in the main Harry Potter movies, was: “the choice between the way that is easy and the way that is right”. We are seeing that principle at work in the PCA, e.g. Revoice, and not in a good way.