Audio books for engagement

I’ve been working with a number of young couples who are getting married and one of the men recently asked me for audio books that would help him prepare for marriage. I recommended a number of books but not all of them are available in audio. What resources would you suggest?

I’m open to books that are good for young men generally, not just marriage.

I have $15 a month Audible account and receive 1 credit towards any title. I am enjoying an education that public schools would break out the torches and pitchforks over. There are many free titles by Luther, CS Lewis etcetera. Being a noob Christian I would recommend titles that inform his character. A Godly man is a Godly husband. I think the best lesson’s in Godliness outside of the scripture are leading by example. Maybe make a list of your mistakes and he can spare himself from those.


Sup Mike. Good to see you in here.

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Tis, good to be here…I wish I would have known about long ago.

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Household and the War for the Cosmos by CR Wiley has been very helpful to me.


I’m not an audiobook guy, but That Hideous Strength is probably available.