Article: Why a Jesuit school was right in refusing to fire a gay teacher

This one is right in our neck of the woods…

The easiest way to guarantee someone won’t believe in authentic Romanism is to matriculate them through Jesuit school. The authoress of the piece did such through this self-same school. Tellingly, she quotes Fr. James Martin, a Jesuit homosexualist.

All the archbishop’s action does is legally restrict the school from marketing itself as Catholic™. To do anything effective about it, Archbishop Thompson would have to be willing to suppress the Jesuit order throughout his province. But, he’d probably rather not get shipped to Kazakhstan, when the Jesuit Pope got noticed him.


The article was interesting to me for a number of reasons, but one reason in particular is to watch how subsidiary institutions break away from “the mother ship.” I think it will be rare for institutions to actually fight it out. Most, like what I think is happening here and in general with the Roman Catholic church, will try to keep the (false) peace while muddling along to keep the donors happy and the gears of the institution humming.

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