Any Latin scholars among us?

There’s a fairly well known quote from Calvin regarding Knox’s First Blast of the Trumpet, an excerpt of which is as follows:

Two years ago, John Knox in a private conversation, asked my opinion respecting female government. I frankly answered that because it was a deviation from the primitive and established order of nature, it ought to be held as a judgment on man for his dereliction of his rights just like slavery-that nevertheless certain women had sometimes been so gifted that the singular blessing of God was conspicuous in them, and made it manifest that they had been raised up by the providence of God, either because He willed by such examples to condemn the supineness of men, or thus show more distinctly His own glory. I here instanced Huldah and Deborah." John Calvin, “Letter DXXXVIII to William Cecil” in Selected Works of John Calvin: Tracts and Letters , ed. Henry Beveridge & Jules Bonnet, vol. 7, (Philadelphia, 1860), p. 46.

While doing some research on Knox’s Blast, I came across the original Latin of Calvin’s letter. Any Latin scholars among us who would like to look over the Latin and see if there’s any interesting thing missing from the English translation?