Annotated Reading List On Civil Rights, Race, Policing, and Welfare

I thought this may be of some interest…


Thanks for the reading list. I have read some of these and they are good choices. The Color of Law is especially eye opening.

I think many on “our side” (broadly aligned with American conservatism) tend to downplay the ways that blacks were marginalized, denigrated and had property expropriated from them during the 20th century. The focus is usually on slavery, and then Jim Crow, but the mob violence, social stigma, and legal shenanigans (unequal weights and measures) were prevalent in the north and west as well. I have mentioned this before, but my area had a series of lynchings between 1900 and 1920, some of which were followed by arsons on black home and black owned businesses. While my forefathers where accumulating wealth and property (which I benefit from today) the black folks on this area were being driven out with fire.

The podcast Martymade has some good content on this era as part of a series examining Jim Jones and the People’s Temple (a highly racially charged movement). It is very dark and often disturbing, so take warning, but I think it is valuable for someone trying to develop their understanding of racial division and gain empathy with their black brothers and sisters.

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