And now for something completely different

Of course, this occurred in 2020… :joy:

There exists the possibility that this information has been much more widely circulated but today was the first I’d ever heard of it. Given the tenuous nature of electoral processes worldwide combined with discussions related to fending off trends toward planetary domination, I think this might merit consideration. Not because I think we should worry or anything, but simply because I hope it makes others smile as much as it did me.
Also, the election winner who is the subject of the story seems to have taken an otherwise unfortunate set of circumstances and prevailed with a good attitude intact. That part made me smile, too. I know nothing about the politics of Namibia, though, so I can only hope that he’s true to his words.

Edit: After learning the teeniest bit from a Wikipedia article about Namibian elections, I’m beginning to think they’re on to something. :grinning:

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Isn’t everyone striving for world domination?

I read/heard somewhere that Hitler was a popular name in sub-Saharan Africa. They didn’t really know who he was, but they knew he commanded a lot of respect, a real scary guy, a warrior, a force to be reckoned with. So they used his name a lot, a name that demanded respect.



Thankfully, there is always this hope to be reminded of. Rev. 11:15-18

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I have worked with a man with the given name of Stalin and another with the given name of Lenin. Both were born far abroad. I think (that particular) Lenin follows Jesus, actually.