An Open Letter to Rey from Star Wars, Part II

New Warhorn Media post by Nathan Alberson:



It’s treason, then.

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Lost 40 pounds eh? Back to your fighting weight? :grin:

I don’t see anything to apologize for.


Aww thanks. I dunno if I would apologize for much of anything. I stand by everything. I just might do it a little differently these days.

The female warrior trope is becoming so common that Disney is becoming unwatchable. Can the next Star Wars female heroine be a SAHM with 5 kids? Using the force to keep the little toddler from crawling into the sarlac pit?

I’m heartened by certain new media outlets producing good material. Warhorn obviously but also Canon press and the comics of Doug Tennapel. Maybe we need a recommended modern media site; like Rotten Tomatoes but with categories like: Patriarchy score, AntiSJW score, Storytelling, Cinematography, etc…


lol. Love it! Not sure it would work in practice, but that’s fun.


Yes please! Intelligent and thoroughly Christian movie review metrics would be an awesome resource.

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The question is where would you get the reviews? I guess you’d have to write them yourself in which case you’ll be doing a lot of watching/reviewing/writing which is kind of what warhorn is doing (though not directly). You could come up with a framework in which to write reviews and accept submissions, relying on an army of volunteers, giving people badges for writing reviews and helping them to improve their writing? Might be a fun little experiment… just kicking the idea around.

What’s wrong with sandwiches? Maybe if Princess Leia had made a few more, her kid wouldn’t have killed her baby daddy.

Disclosure: I haven’t watched a newer Star Wars since the first one with Rey.


Excellent piece.

Something I noticed in the new movie was the greater emphasis on Rey’s feminine qualities, specifically when she was healing (not a spoiler).

But it all feels like too little, too late.

“Because even in a galaxy far, far away, stories ignore the truths about how God made the world at their own peril. Not just because it’s bad morals. But because bad morals result in bad stories.”

This is so important. Critics are panning the new movie because it does things “for the fans.” But no, what it was trying to do was tell a better story, because the previous movie, as a Leftist porno, was a very bad story. Even so, when you start off on the wrong foot, there’s really no way to make a recovery. The new trilogy is bad art and bad storytelling.

Christians are wont to mistake our own preferences for “advancing the Gospel.” We want to make “good art,” i.e. art that we ourselves like, into a substitute for the real Gospel. At the same time, good art and good storytelling are real things and they can be done well or poorly. Christians should seek to glorify God by telling good stories as opposed to poor ones, and good stories will be those stories that fit in the world God made.

Jedi religion is basically Buddhism. The Force does it what it does regardless of whether it is bad or good, and in Star Wars there is no ultimate Good. It’s just Dark and Light opposing each other forever. Even so, enough truth was commonly accepted 40 years ago that George Lucas channeling Joseph Campbell could make a movie about fatherhood, sonship, good, evil and the hero’s journey, and it worked because it still fit in the world God made. It even had to contradict itself. Even though there is no ultimate Good, you still out of the theater feeling like there was. That it did matter who the good guys and bad guys were and that the good guys won.

Now, whatever residual something there was 40 years ago is gone, and all we have is really awful stories. Worse than the most stereotypically hamfisted Christian movie out there. Not only are the new movies moralistic and in your face, but the stories are just bad. At least a bad Christian movie will be pointing to something good, just doing it poorly. These people, with million dollar budgets, the best writers, the best technology, the best actors – are pointing to something bad, poorly. They’re so bad at their jobs they can’t even make sin look good! They can’t disguise themselves as angels of light.

End of rant, but once again, great piece.


The best propaganda contains the most admixture of truth. We’ll see more emphasis on feminine qualities in our anti-feminine heroes as our enemies get more sophisticated.