An open letter to my governor on abortion

(Christopher Preston) #1

I’m working on this—planning to post next week. I would appreciate any suggestions of rewording, additions, subtractions, etc…

Governor Wolf, of Pennsylvania, has made “women’s rights” a major plank in his platform, and he has repeatedly made it clear that he will continue to fight for the right to abortion in his second term.

In a recent promotional ad, Governor Wolf opined that the question of abortion is a matter that should be left up to women and their physicians. He states, “It’s not a politician’s place to legislate what rights a woman has over her own body,” and, “Women and their health care providers—not politicians—know what is best for them.”

The problem, Governor Wolf, is that this statement is a misdirecting, misleading, absolute falsehood.

It is the responsibility of the civil magistrate to protect innocent life and punish criminals (murderers being the foremost of the category). Human life is sacred because we are created in the image of God (Gen. 9:6). Abortion constitutes the unjustified, unexcused taking of God-given human life, and, therefore, is murder contrary to the will of God, and must be outlawed and punished by the civil magistrate.

You would have no authority if it had not been granted you by the almighty and sovereign Creator. And God has delegated to governors the power of the sword in order to be a servant of God for good (Rom. 13). Legalizing (much less promoting) abortion—rather than merely “leaving women’s health up to women and their doctors”—is, in fact, an abdication of the responsibilities of the civil magistrate.

I implore you to repent of this wickedness and to take up the cause of the innocent.
For as our great commonwealth continues to plunge into such immorality, we cannot long expect God to delay judgment.

Psalm 2 explains that the nations will one day be ruled by the promised king, Jesus Christ; and when He returns, he will judge the ruling authorities for how they upheld justice—protecting the innocent and punishing the wicked—or failed to do so.

There is no clearer example of innocent life, and the wicked and immoral slaughter of such life, than that of children—born or unborn—and the crazed and obsessive passion with which our culture is promoting the abortion of those lives for the sake of selfish convenience and sexual promiscuity.

Psalm 2 goes on to warn rulers to be wise, to serve the Lord with fear, to pay homage to the Christ (the king over all nations), lest His wrath be kindled against your rebellion and you perish in His righteous judgment. The Psalm concludes, though, by stating that all who take refuge in Him are blessed. While those who allow injustice to prevail will one day face the wrath and justice of the King (Ps. 2, 82), he who confesses and forsakes his transgressions will find mercy (Pr. 28:13). One day, every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord over all (Phil. 2:11). But for some, it will be too late.

I implore you, Governor Wolf, for the sake of the unborn, for the sake of their mothers, for the preservation of Pennsylvania, for the peace and security of her citizens, and for the glory of the coming Judge and King, leave this wickedness, protect the unborn, wield the sword in defense of the innocent—not against them—and uphold true justice.

(Lucas Weeks) #2

Very good.

I think you should acknowledge the suffering that women go through to carry a child in their womb and give birth while, at the same time, forcing him to see that we’re talking about another human being inside the woman. I think this is important because it forces abortionists to look honestly at the nature of womanhood.

To put it bluntly: “Yes, this little baby – who is a stranger to all of us – did, in fact, take control of this woman’s body without her consent. And she will need to be torn open for him to have life. There’s no way to prettify that painful reality, and it is central to the vulnerability that characterizes women. But it is women’s glorious honor and sacred duty to be the bearers of new life.”

With abortion, a woman demands to be free from that “sacred duty” at the cost of the murder of her own child.

(Joseph Bayly) #3

Agree with all except this. Almost always with her consent. That’s what every act of sexual intercourse except rape is—consent to receive seed implanted that leads to new life.

I don’t think we should ever give them this rhetorical point.

(Christopher Preston) #4

@jtbayly and @ldweeks thank you for the input!