An International Gathering of "Un-men"

Upon reading through this recent thread and thinking about our first parent’s fall and the things brought up from “Space Trilogy” in relation to it, I was emboldened to share this article with the idea of applying Lewis’ work to thinking through the meaning of what it reports on, namely a recent, major “transhumanism” conference.

In ways so deeply reaching as to be truly difficult to do justice to. I hope the obviously disturbing elements of what’s covered in the article above aren’t dismissed as merely the weird thinking of a small group of people. These things have very far-reaching significance. The relevance to so many things that have been and are currently taking place is astounding and shouldn’t be underestimated. I think very troubling and extremely difficult to reverse changes can occur much more rapidly than we all tend to think. For evil and perhaps, optimistically, for good, mercy or revival as well.
Edgestow was probably a nice place once. :wink:

I think I’ll take the opportunity to repost this very well done video regarding some remarkable elements of the trans-humanist agenda and ideas. Talk about having a direct relevance to a Christian and his thinking and to the ideas at work in “Space Trilogy,” wow.

And to throw one more item into the mix, I wonder if anyone’s read “The Ash and the Air” by Dominic Bnonn Tennant @bnonn. I haven’t yet finished it but plan to soon and have found it to be a very interesting modern addition to some of the things that “Space Trilogy” helps me to think about from a Christian perspective. (And in a good way.)

I hope these are useful or thought-provoking links for anyone’s consideration.
Blessings! :heart:

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Arthur C Clarke was quite prophetic in the way he saw technology developing. On that basis the trans-humanists should watch 2001 and pay careful attention to one of its characters … HAL …

So this is an interesting addition:

This type of thing ties a number of topics together. So much more could be said but there really are serious patterns to be understood in some of this stuff. What would living through the real-world version of Lewis’ novels actually look like? Are we there yet, and if not, why not?