An Evangelical Megachurch Is Sued for More Than $1 Million in Child Sexual

In the spirit of Prov. 18:17, here’s a video of Matt Chandler’s response to the situation. I think this was before the lawsuit in referenced in the msn article was filed. Not sure what to make of all this, but surely the truth will come to light in time.

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I’d read the original article and have been confused from the beginning. As far as I can tell TVC handled it competently.

Is Boz Tchividjian helpful?

Thanks for posting that Zak.

I haven’t read anything about this situation, but the answer to your question is basically no, he isn’t helpful.

My spidey sense sends strong “ambulance chaser” vibes every time I see his name. I wasn’t surprised at all to see his name pop up at the end of that article.

I know next to nothing about him, other than Pastor Doug Wilson and he have butted heads. However, he is the head of Christian organization, a Christian himself, and according to the article in the OP, he and his organization are involved in suing a Christian church.

What the truth of the situation is, and the merits of the case are, I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure there are 1 or 2 Biblical commands about that…

Speak of the devil.

Posted July 31, today.


From Wilson’s post: “I was honestly astonished that Denhollander commended them for turning it over to the authorities, and then admonished them for the key mistake of doing what the authorities said to do. I am afraid it doesn’t work that way.”

Not sure what Denhollander wanted as I haven’t read or watched anything on this. However, actually, it can and does work that way often. There are plenty of cases where the authorities just want you to drop the whole nasty business.

Along a similar line, there are cases where they require you to do A but nothing is preventing you from also doing B. The only problem becomes when they prohibit you from C, but you think it should be done or demand D and you think it shouldn’t be done.

In my experience, if anybody says they just did what they were told, they are trying to escape responsibility for something.


I just got a lot more excited for the Founders Doc.


It is crazy to me that Doug is the first one I’ve seen pointing out the conflict between Denhollander and Chandler. Looks like Denhollander’s comments at SBC19 about TVC’s mishandling of the sex abuse case were made the day before Matt Chandler’s telling of events. Yet since the lawsuit is going forward, clearly she’s accusing Chandler of lying, right? Yet, why hasn’t the outrage mob called down fire from heaven on her the way they did on the Founders trailer? The double standards here are gross.