All Scripture is God-breathed (1)

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:

A daft laddie question I know, but: what is the difference between Inerrancy and Infallibility?

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Forty years ago, infallibility was in vogue, differentiating neo-orthodox/modern commitments to Scripture from the historic orthodox position, and specifically the Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy summarizing that position. The usage always disturbed me since infallibility and inerrancy have the same meaning in English, and it’s only when you know someone is using the word with regard to Scripture in order to differentiate himself from inerrantists that it takes on a different meaning. And that meaning?

With errors.These men always argued for the errancy of Scripture, and therefore substituted infallibility.

I used the word interchangeably in this article because that’s how the sheep see the words—interchangeable—so let (or help) infallible return to its non-equivocative usage. Love,

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