Aladdin (2019)

(Nathan ) #1

New Warhorn Media post by Nathan Alberson:

(Eric Wilson) #2

Is Sanity at the Movies going to dominate the Sanityverse?

Or was May just a quirky month?

I look forward to the posibility of SoS or The Ville on Tuesdays. I’m starting to wonder if your plans/emphases have changed substantially from what was announced in January.

(Nathan ) #3

No, we’re just trying to get all our plates spinning, to be perfectly honest. We have SOS on the docket and we’re recording a new Ville today that we’re pretty excited about.

(Nathan ) #4

We’ll probably do another announcement post to orient everyone where we’re at, but SOS Tuesdays aren’t going anywhere.

(Nathan ) #5

We also have a children’s show and a Tim Bayly show that are going to be hitting in the very near future … so that’s why things have been a little slow :slight_smile:

(Jake) #6

And let’s be honest, while we’re getting all those plates spinning and back up in the air, nothing is easier to just get done than Sanity at the Movies. A glut of Sanity at the Movies should always communicate this: “They’re working hard on lots of other things that are coming soon, and they don’t want to leave us without content in the meantime.”

So yeah, new Ville, SOS pipeline being hooked back up, new regular show with Tim (not TWWM), and new regular kids show (starring some of your favorite characters)…all coming your way in the next month. :slight_smile:

(Zak Carter) #7

“Warhorn media podcasts are never late. Nor are they early; they arrive precisely when they mean to.”

(Valerie) #8

Monumental is back. Who cares about the rest of them? :wink:

(Jake) #9

Right. Stage 1. Trust the process. :sunglasses::hugs: