Adam Spaetti, 1977-2020

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I’m truly sorry to hear that. Dr Spaetti was a source of wisdom and strength in a moment when both were lacking. His counsel came not only as a physician but also as a spiritual father, and as such, came with great weight but also great stability. I will be praying for his widow and children, but also for the brotherhood of his fellow elders.


Dr. Spaetti gave a seminar at a pastor’s conference a few years ago in which he surveyed and discussed the various elements of standard end-of-life documents as they give directions to medical authorities. I’ve read probably dozens of “explanations” of these documents and their various features, probably written by the legal departments of hospitals and medical clinics with a view to protecting those institutions rather than genuinely serving the needs and desires of those who resort to the documents. Dr. Spaetti’s presentation was a huge breath of fresh air! He winsomely presented a survey of the jargon, how it would be acted upon (or not) by the medical authorities, and how to frame various provisions so that they’d actually be carried out. I immediately rewrote all these documents for myself and my wife, and I’ve referred friends to those videos.

Men like Dr. Spaetti are our Lord’s gift to His sheep in the culture of professional wolves.


I was trying to find the old audio files from the 2015 Clearnote conference where Dr. Spaetti delivered a few very informative and accessible talks. Dr. Spaetti was a warrior for Christ and we should all remember his example and strive to fight as well as he did.

The old Clearnote Fellowship website has been replaced with the Evangel Presbytery website, so I did not find the older conferences that go beyond what Warhorn Media has. I’m sure someone has them. Please post them when you have the opportunity.


It’s been a while since I’ve checked in to Sanityville but I want to express my deepest condolences for the passing of Doctor Spaetti. I met him very briefly while visiting the church this February, and later found his counsel at the outset of the Coronavirus pandemic, particularly helpful. I will be praying for his family in this time loss.


Thanks for mentioning them, Ben. For now, you can get at them here:

We have posted some of the previous conference audio here on, but we need to get the rest of it posted. Dr. Spaetti’s talks from 2015 are what you’re after, and they are fantastic. Here they are:


Thank you, Lucas.

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