A Thought Experiment

“Pointed Satire”

Kind of funny.

The opening Al Mohler statement sounds exactly like him. Pitch perfect. Whoever wrote it has listened to him. I’m not very familiar with Falwell and never heard of the other guy.

Thanks for posting.

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bows deeply

I wrote this around 5 am yesterday, while feeding my newborn. So parts of it came off a bit goofy, but I did make an attempt to get Mohler‘s tone right. I listened to The Briefing for a while a couple years ago, and have listened to a couple Thinking in Public episodes. His style is pretty distinctive, which is easier. As for Falwell…you’d just need to look him up in the news to catch the references. I won’t drag his tawdry story on here, except to say that he…gave his wife more liberty than any Christian husband should. It’s a sad story. Jeffress was just an approximation, based on a few extremely stupid things he’s said before.

It was a fun exercise though. Thanks for the compliments.

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I didn’t realize you wrote it.

Instead of saying thanks for posting, I should have said thanks for writing.

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I thought you actually got Trump just about perfect, too.