A proofreader or two needed for new Knox's blast edition

(Daniel Meyer) #1

I am preparing to publish a new public-domain edition of John Knox’s First Blast of the Trumpet against the Monstrous Regiment of Women, and I could use a proofreader or two to look over my work for typos. My wife and I have already made a first pass through it; I’m looking for someone who is willing to spend 45 minutes to give a quick glance through to find anything we may have missed.

If there’s one or two that would like to help in this way and would have availability this week, please reply to this topic or message me privately (to message privately click on your profile photo in the upper right, then click on the Messages tab, then click New Message and add danielmeyer), and I’ll get you the pre-publish PDF. I’m hoping to publish by the end of this week.


(Joseph Bayly) #2

Or just click on Daniel’s picture and then click the “Message” button.

(Daniel Meyer) #3

I’ve got what I need now, thanks to those who responded.

(Tim Bayly) #4

Who are they? It would be an encouragement to know if they contacted you through wonderful Sanityville? No problem if you’d prefer not to say, though. Thank you for this work. Love,

(Nathan ) #5

I hope (assume) you’ll let us know here where you publish it

(Joseph Bayly) #6

Lol. Way ahead of you on that one, Nathan. Look for a Warhorn digital edition soon.

(Bnonn Tennant) #7

Please let us know when you publish this @danielmeyer :slight_smile:

(Daniel Meyer) #8

Will do, Bnonn.

(Joseph Bayly) #9

Done. See here:

(Joseph Bayly) closed #10