A Little Leaven website

I wanted to make you all aware of a resource I wrote for the American Family Association titled A Little Leaven: Confronting the Ideology of the Revoice Movement. It is a lengthy white paper critiquing the ideology and statements of the primary Revoice: Mark Yarhouse, Wesley Hill, Nate Collins, and Greg Johnson. It is intended to be an overview, critique, and exposé of the many falsehoods and errors promoted by the group and its proponents. It was written with the uninitiated in mind but it also goes in-depth if someone needs more detail about exactly what the Revoice leaders are saying.

I don’t know if the paper is fool’s errand or not but, providentially, it has been something I was compelled to do. It began in January of 2019 but, for multiple reasons, was not able to be completed until fall 2021 (quite late to the party, I know). I pray that those who need it will still be helped by it. There are many who have been slow to listen or understand. There are also many who are completely unaware. Perhaps it may be a wake up call to some.

I don’t expect it will be a revelation to many in this audience but I did want to make you aware of it. I don’t offer it as anything other than my own contribution to the already ample work that Warhorn has done speaking against this evil.

At the very least, because the statements of Revoice leaders are scattered across multiple platforms (print, events, blogs, articles, and social media) this work can serve as a bit of a reservoir of their positions. Also, because these men have a tendency to nuance their language differently depending on the audience and platform, having these sources together can be helpful. May the Lord use it as He sees fit.