A cordial invitation to Evangel Presbytery

(Tim Bayly) #1

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:

(Joseph Bayly) #2

I guess we’re going to have a long night. :wink:

But in all seriousness, I’m very thankful for the work the men on this committee did for all of us, and I’m looking forward to the meetings.

(Timothy J. Hammons) #4

Did you see the invitation made it on The Aquila Report this morning?

Here is the link.

(Tim Bayly) #5

surprising, but Dominic himself was a fighter for orthodoxy in the PCA

(Timothy J. Hammons) #6

Yes, he’s a good friend as well. But he still blacklisted me from TAR :slight_smile:

(Tim Bayly) #7

Join the club, but it may not have been Dominic.

(Joel Norris) #8

I didn’t know Dominic at all, but he and his wife were friends of the parents of my fiancee, and they graciously opened up their home to host a reception for out-of-town guests coming to our wedding.

(Joel Norris) #9

Rich Bledsoe, whom I think is known to some around here, officiated at our wedding. Small world, I guess.

(Zak Carter) #10

Are you expecting many Baptist churches to participate (hence the exception allowed from the WCF at that point)?

(Tim Bayly) #11

Knew Rich in 1979 when Mary Lee and I lived in Boulder and I worked at First Pres. He was deep into theonomy then, and now it’s Peter Leithart, Jim Jordan, and rapprochement with Rome. Liked him a lot as a brother in Christ although I warn against his penchant for speculative theology and naivete about Rome’s wickedness and heresies. Love,

(Tim Bayly) #12

We’re not expecting “many” of anything. It’s a presbytery, much like the one I used to be member of known as “Central Indiana Presbytery” of the PCA. It was ten to fifteen pastors and only a few churches at its founding, and not many more now. Yes, we do expect some of the churches to be Baptist and Reformed, but also churches like Clearnote Bloomington which have deacons, pastors, and elders of both convictions and practice both. Worked beautifully for our congregation for twenty 22 years now. I like to tell people that our credobaptists can do a better job of giving the Biblical basis of paedobaptism than most members of PCA churches. Love,

(Joel Norris) #13

That certainly sounds like Rich. I lived in Boulder in the late 1990s and was at the little church he pastored at the time. On a return visit to the church a couple years later, I met the woman who became my wife, so I will always feel gratitude. I definitely heard a lot of interesting ideas in Rich’s sermons, which was fun for me since I had the theological and historical background to follow along, though admittedly they probably fell short in spiritual edification. Jim Jordan was sometimes mentioned, but I don’t recall the name of Peter Leithart.

(Tim Bayly) #14

Sure, but the entire purpose of Hollywood is vanity and idolatry and the way to get ahead there is only and ever pride and self-promotion.

He blogged on Theopolis with Peter. Same take on Reformation being a failure and time to return to Rome after having our adolescent fling as Protestants. When it comes to Scripture and theology, I do find myself hating the original. Like Warfield said. Reformation was the return to church fathers and New Testament, which Rome had abandoned and solidified their abandonment of in Trent. Love,