A Church Called Tov

Hey I was wondering if anyone had read or had thoughts on these books:

A Church Called Tov

When Narcissism Comes to Church

We’ve recently had some problems in our church (leading us to leave). Some of the problems seem to have been described well in these books (Well, I’ve read part of Tov, but not Narcissism).

There seems to be a pretty big problem in churches of elders/pastors who are pugnacious and will not be held accountable.

I found the description of “toxic church cultures” fairly apt, but the description of “Tov” or good cultures seem a little wrong-headed. But I’ve not finished it yet and wondered if anyone out there in Sanityville was familiar with these books/ideas.

On related note, does anyone have any tips for how to go about searching for a new church?

I can’t speak to the second book, but on the first book, I see Scot McKnight, I run away.