A Christian future

I’m just wanted to share some artwork here that I had midjourney create to display what Presbyterians of the future might be like.

I was trying to get midjourney to have them watching a rocket launch to Mars, buts it’s not that sophisticated yet.


Yikes! ALL the women are COVERED!! :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: :astonished:

Where did that come from??


With various styles; the point of the artwork is to show the future with the past.

In Rome in the 200s

In England in the 1200s

In Calvin’s Geneva

In America in the 1840s

All have the public covering of women. The point of this art is to add to that list

America in the 2040s

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There is a disturbing lack of children.


Oh I wanted to have these couples eating ice cream and watch a rocket for Mars about to take off, but the tech is limited, maybe I’ll keep playing with it. Could add some rugrats running around.

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… Could add some rugrats running around.
And, while you’re about it, add some single Christians as well? :wink:

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I’m not sure I understand the purpose of this topic in the first place, but how does a single Christian man or woman from the future look different from a married future Christian other than not standing so close to somebody of the opposite sex? (In fact, if I had to guess, the first large image is two single people.)

For the record, I doubt this is what Christians will look like in the future. :slight_smile:

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No. They’ll probably be a bit chubby from the sedentary lifestyles.


Now that’s an intriguing question. I could ask midjourney to have them embrace or have rings on. Would rings even be the thing?

I’ve seen people do incredibly sophisticated things with Midjourney so you should keep working on it, eventually you’ll get the magic formula and figure out how to work the AI! It’s a cool concept you have lol :slight_smile:

I played around with it some more, got a few more sample and tried to set them in various “futuristic” settings. I need to improve my prompt-fu, though…

So Presbyterians become the Jedi?


I like the cyberpunk aesthetic, although I did try to have midjourney generate retro futuristic images, they didn’t come out nearly as well. For now, hiring an artist is the better option for more specificity.

Second one is present day people LARPing as crusaders, I think.

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Every time I see new posts in this topic, I try to remember what it is…

Maybe some discussion of postmil that I’ve forgotten about?

Then I click on it and I see the pictures and I just start laughing. I never expected to have people posting original art here, let alone original art generated by a computer.

Glad you’re having fun, Tyler.


I’m a man with a dream of the future trying to use AI art generators get it stuck in other people’s heads :slight_smile:

If I ever find a great artist and can get him to do a better job, I’ll post that here too.

Thanks for letting me dream on this forum.


That crusade one just kills me :joy:

As someone who has done a fair amount of Midjourney experimentation recently, I really appreciate this. And I am glad to know I’m not the only one who has found that the computer is incredibly dumb and hard to talk to. I agree with the assessment that paying a designer is far more reliable, and actually less work, than trying to strongarm the AI into generating anything useful.


And just lest anyone be misled into thinking it easy to generate a cool image with a simple prompt, here’s an example of what the computer might generate when you simply ask it to imagine “presbyterians of the future.”