2020 COVID Church and 1777 Donegal Church

New Warhorn Media post by Tim Bayly:

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This brought to mind the Wikipedia bio of Jonathan Boucher, a Loyalist CoE pastor:

In a fiery farewell sermon at St. Barnabas in 1775, to a hostile crowd of 200 men, he preached after the opening of hostilities he stated:

I will continue to pray for the King; and all who are in authority under him … As long as I live … will I … proclaim: God save the King [bold added]

At the conclusion and with pistol in hand, he seized the leader of the crowd, Osborn Sprigg of Northampton, Maryland, and together they walked to Boucher’s horse. Both men were allowed to leave without harm.

I think feelings were running rather high at the time.


I’ve been working my way through the sermons of the Loyalists in the little book Andrew Dionne recommended. The arguments are very familiar.

Many Loyalists were threatened and their property confiscated or burned by groups such as the Sons of Liberty. That made me think of Black Lives Matter.

Overall, a helpful book.


Yeah, ditto. That was why I pulled up Boucher’s Wikipedia bio in the first place. :slight_smile:

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