20 years, 700 victims: Southern Baptist sexual abuse spreads as leaders resist

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Long article. And the first of three.

Eye-opening to say the least. We should do better. If this doesn’t light a fire under Greear, I wont know what to say. But he may not be concerned since scripture apparently only “whispers” about sexual sin. It certainly gives a context to his words a few weeks ago, a shameful context.

That said, some of the statistics they use are not impressive. “But the newspapers found at least 10 SBC churches that welcomed pastors, ministers and volunteers since 1998 who had previously faced charges of sexual misconduct. In some cases, they were registered sex offenders.” 10 over countless congregations over 20 years. Still 10 too many. It seems the convention could have a list; it seems from this article that almost nothing has been done. This is certainly an article written the intent to tear down the church, not to build her up. Yet God can and constantly does use the bad to work for good.

We were just talking about being above reproach last night at church. A charge must not stand. But these charges do stand and it is to our shame.

Prayers for these “victims” as well as the perpetrators.

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I haven’t read this yet, but my comment on the similar articles about the Independent Fundamental Baptist churches applies equally here, I think: