2.5. A friend in need

New Warhorn Media post by Nathan Alberson:


Thanks. As emotionally wrenching as these are, they encourage me to wade into the mess here in jail, in the lives of inmates and officers, when my temptation is to insulate myself with office work and administration, or busy myself with exegesis excessively.


A “radio play” is 100x better than cinema.

Thanks for doing. I’m sure the writing is difficult and hard work but must be very rewarding. Mya Chasteen is excellent. I’ve always wondered who was doing some of the ladies’ voices. I loved Ollie saying that we could look up Pastor Stu on the internet, but that his last name is hard to spell.

I thought Pastor Stu’s description of his past sin and repentance was really great. A lot of wolves are out there and this is the type of reasoning used to keep them “in office.” We are all sinners and God is full of grace. A man could possibly have committed a sin like this and have been a Christian at the time, and he certainly could repent and be welcomed back into the flock. But as far as being qualified as an elder… certainly not. I think this highlights the pitfalls of empathy wrongly applied, as well as many other things.

I think you can learn a lot from a good story well-told. And that’s what this is. At our church we were always reading Ed Welch books and what-not. I’m sure some of them are very good, but I have a hard time getting through it in any way other than “Well, mark that one off the list. Its finally finished.” Meanwhile I’m over here trying to get people to listen to “The Ville.” People wanting to read the latest books on social “justice” and racism while I’m saying, what about Mansfield Park?

Great work as always.

For constructive criticism, it probably could have been improved by possums. But maybe that’s just me. :grinning:


It’s possible (possum-ble?) that a rejected draft in this set of scripts was much heavier on the possum shenanigans. Alas, it was not to be.


And thank you for the kind words and encouragement. It is a lot of work so it means a lot. :innocent:


Just listening now but I couldn’t help but think of this song when Stuart mentioned shouting out your pain :laughing:.


Stu probably thought of them too.

The end of this episode brought me very close to throwing my phone across the room.


I’m also pretty sure that the Mr. Meow commercial is the soundtrack of my nightmares


I knew I’d heard it somewhere before.